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Multiple Teams · Girls CC Team 2nd Place at Wayne/ Holmes Invite and Boys CC Team 3rd

It was a great day at Orrville High School on Saturday, October 8th for the Wayne/ Holmes Invitational. Area cross country teams from Wayne and Holmes County came to compete against each other. Orrville’s team did a fantastic job at the meet with the girls’ team finishing 2nd and the boys’ team. Maya Hamsher and Alyssa Plmley earned 1st Team All- County honors by placing in the top ten and Soloman Swanson and Caleb Endicott earned 2nd Team All- County honors by finishing 11th – 20th. Many of the Orrville runners ran their best times of the season. Orrville Coaches would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to all those parents, students, Boys Scouts and Orrville CC fans who helped out with the meet today. Below are some of the results from the meet:

Girls Team Results
1st Wooster 26
2nd Orrville 73
3rd Dalton 75
4th Smithville 95
5th West Holmes 110
6th Norwayne 134
* Chippewa, Hiland, Northwestern, Triway, & Waynedale did not have enough runners for a full team.

1st Team All-County
1st Michelle Hostetler West Holmes 19:09
2nd Maddie Nacci Wooster 19:16
3rd Maya Hamsher Orrville 20:04**
4th Isabelle Cannon Wooster 20:14
5th Tracy Morgan Wooster 20:17
6th Alyssa Plumley Orrville 20:23**
7th Maureen Mc Keown Wooster 20:36
8th Melina Mera Wooster 20:51
9th Weslea Arthur Northwestern 21:10
10th Ashleigh Clabaugh Smithville 21:11

2nd Team All- County
11th Latrice Schlabach Dalton 21:13
12th Kate Lorson Smithville 21:22
13th Madee Kutz Dalton 21:32
14th Mimi Wiles Wooster 21:50
15th Lily Baechle Dalton 21:51
16th Erin Norman West Holmes 21:55
17th Haley Miller Wooster 21:59
18th Seheca Doty Dalton 22:01
19th Kirsten Wilson Norwayne 22:08
20th Mikayla Deiotte Norwayne 22:17

Orrville Girl Runners:
Emerson Hamsher 22nd 22:26
Ellen Mc Allister 23rd 22:30
Ashley Stiffler 25th 22:40
Adrianna Booth 40th 24:01

Boys Team Results
1st Wooster 37
2nd Smithville 43
3rd Orrville 98
4th Triway 123
5th Chippewa 139
6th West Holmes 165
7th Northwestern 181
8th Norwayne 207
9th Hiland 228
* Waynedale did not have enough runners for a full team.

1st Team All-County
1st Joey Coudriet Smithville 15:57
2nd Chris Cannon Wooster 16:10
3rd Lucas Clark Smithville 16:21
4th Justin Mc Keal Smithville 16:27
5th Nich Michels Triway 16:31
6th Matt Chidsey Wooster 16:34
7th Steven Hennis Chippewa 16:35
8th Conner Niro Wooster 16:44
9th Hunter Kanseg Northwestern 16:48
10th Jordan Green Wooster 16:55

2nd Team All- County
11th Breydan Hann Wooster 17:08
12th Soloman Swanson Orrville 17:10**
13th Alex Thompson Wooster 17:13
14th Caleb Endicott Orrville 17:17**
15th Hunter Yoder Hiland 17:24
16th Lane Wilson Wooster 17:25
17th Noah Navratil Smithville 17:26
18th Noah Riggenbach Smithville 17:30
19th Chewy Coetzee Wooster 17:33
20th James Neilson Wooster 17:36

Orrville Boy Runners:
Stuart Kirkbride 25th 17:48
James Shupp 26th 17:51
Tyler Mc Farren 38th 18:25
Ethan Wert 48th 18:50
Nick Mc Farren 58th 19:20
Kyle Corfman 74th 20:15
Thomas Zournas 84th 21:03
Ben Crawford 88th 21:32
Jared Lustig 89th 21:33
Evan Warner 109th 26:58