Red Riders News · OHS Girl’s Tennis Team Places 2nd at Willard Invitational

Girl’s Tennis – Match Results

Willard Doubles Invitational – 4 flights of Doubles

1st Place-  Norwalk              14 points

2nd Place-  Orrville               11 points

3rd Place-  Willard                8 points

4th Place- Madison               5 points

5th Place- Sandusky            2 points


1st Doubles-  Abby Adcock and Sydney Adcock-  Champions

Wins over Norwalk, Willard, Sandusky, and Madison  (4-0 on the day)


2nd Doubles-  Claudia Adcock and Jena Rowland-  Champions

Wins over Norwalk, Willard, Sandusky, and Madison (4-0 on the day)


3rd Doubles-  Jayne Wallace and Hailey Copeland-  3rd place

Wins over Madison and Sandusky


4th Doubles-  Kayla Polascak and Sarah Mendiola-  4th place

Win over Sandusky


 Comments On The Match – From Head Coach Kent Smith

“This was a fun day of tennis for our kids.  Everybody got to play 4 matches on the day as it was a round robin format.  This was an excellent tournament for our team.  We are very happy to of finished 2nd place with the field of teams.”


“The format of all doubles allowed the girls who normally play singles to have a little fun with doubles.  Both our first doubles and 2nd doubles really shined in their quality of play.”


“The depth of play at 3rd and 4th doubles was actually quite strong with most of the teams.  It really allowed some of our younger kids the challenge of  experiencing varsity