Orrville High School Sports Hall of Fame: History/Contact Info


The Orrville High School Sports Hall of Fame was founded on April 18, 1990 by Orrville residents Dick Sauer and Vernon “Pete” Curie.  At the time, both were members of the Wayne County Sports Hall of Fame, but saw a need for Orrville High School’s great athletic tradition to be further recognized.  They took action and the Orrville High School Sports Hall of Fame was born.

The first induction ceremony was held in 1991 and has been held bi-annually ever since.

The purpose of the Sports Hall of Fame is outlined in the group’s bylaws and is as follows:

1. To select people who have distinguished themselves in one or more sports in Orrville High School and college, university or other areas of amateur and professional athletics, or who have made meritorious efforts on behalf of athletic programs in Orrville, Ohio.

2.  To provide the proper facilities for said Hall of Fame recognition and to perform any or all functions for said Hall of Fame.

3. To supervise and conduct all Hall of Fame activities and selections.

Nominations are made by the general public, not by the Hall of Fame committee, and can be submitted at any time.

Mailing Address

Orrville High School Sports Hall of Fame

PO Box 114

Orrville, OH  44667